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Medicaid Qualification

We have worked with many local nursing homes in assisting current and future residents and their families in qualifying for Vendor Healthnet (Medicaid) benefits.

Married couples often have very advantageous exceptions to the resource and income limitations. However, DSS is not permitted to advise applicants on how to utilize these exceptions or as to when a “Request for a Fair Hearing” would result in greater benefits.

Furthermore, the centralization of the application process for Vendor Healthnet benefits makes access to e-mail and fax communication nearly essential to a successful and timely application. Therefore, our firm has begun offering the service of reviewing a potential applicant’s financial situation before the application is filed and of assisting applicants in making the application process.

WE HAVE A VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE in qualifying applicants for Vendor Medicaid, avoiding “estate recovery,” and appealing denials of benefits while following the letter of the law and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We also assist our elderly clients with estate planning that complements the process of applying for Medicaid, such as powers of attorney, wills, trusts, and conveyances of property in a manner that will not be disqualifying.