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If you have spent even a moderate amount of time as a landlord, you have likely experienced an issue common to all landlords–removing a tenant that does not pay rent, damages your property, or otherwise becomes a big problem. The substantial rights offered to tenants, the legal obligations placed upon landlords, and the desire to get your property back to producing income can create a difficult balancing.

Missouri law prohibits “self-help” evictions. This means you cannot shut off the power, turn off the electricity, or do anything to make the property less desirable or unlivable in order to force a tenant to leave. The first step in any eviction is to give tenants notice that you are terminating their lease, or tenancy if there is no written lease. Along with a few other steps, a hearing is required before an uncooperative tenant can be forcibly removed from the property. Having an experienced attorney by your side can help you navigate this complex legal process safely and take your property back quickly.