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Child Custody

Whether you are seeking an initial custody arrangement or seeking to modify an existing custody order, we can help. Custody cases can be complex. At a minimum, legal custody, physical custody, and child support must be determined.

In Missouri, child support is calculated based upon the parents’ income, the number of children in the home, the cost of childcare, the cost of a child’s health care, and other factors. Child support is intended to place the child in the same financial position the child would have been in prior to the divorce. A parent’s visitation time cannot be withheld or denied for failure to pay child support.

As time passes, children grow up, and an old custody agreement or order may no longer fit the needs of your family. If you and your co-parent wish to execute a new custody agreement, we can help you draft the documents and file them with the court for approval. If you and your co-parent do not agree, we can help with negotiation, mediation, and litigation.

Custody cases can become increasingly complicated when a custody case crosses state lines, a parent moves without court permission, or a party refuses to follow an existing custody order. When child custody litigation involves multiple states, Missouri follows the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. In these instances, it becomes vital to get an attorney involved to get the best chance at an outcome in your favor.